At Traverse, we are landscape architects, site planners, placemakers, and urban designers.  We are proud to create new and reimagined landscapes, environments, projects, and spaces that create community, demonstrate ecological sensitivity, and enhance people’s experience of place.

Kris M. BradnerKris M. Bradner Principal
Kris enjoys the challenge of growing a successful business, participating in her community and working with clients to see projects through to completion.

Kris Bradner has been a Principal at Traverse Landscape Architects since 2011, when she co-founded its predecessor, Birchwood Design Group with Arthur Eddy. Over that time, she has helped to grow the business from two people to nine.  Kris holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Rhode Island and is a Registered Landscape Architect in Maryland, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Women’s Development Corporation and is a member of the Women’s Principals Group in Boston.

Kris has worked as a practicing landscape architect, project manager, and mentor for over twenty years. Prior to Traverse Landscape Architects, she worked at small landscape architecture firms as well as a large multidisciplinary consulting firm, where she honed her design and management skills on projects ranging from residential landscapes and urban design projects to larger-scale commercial and transportation projects.

A New England native, Kris returned to Rhode Island after a decade of practicing landscape architecture in the Baltimore and DC metro area. Many of those years were spent working for a woman-owned firm.  That experience stayed with her and kindled her desire to start her own firm.

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Arthur J. EddyArthur J. Eddy Principal
Art is fascinated by the complexities of math found in the natural world and the influence of math on form, pattern, symmetry, sequence and arrangement.

Arthur Eddy is a Principal and co-founder of Traverse Landscape Architects. He has led projects both domestically and internationally, including athletic facilities, schools, urban developments, parks, universities, and streetscapes. Art holds Bachelor degrees in Landscape Architecture and Marine Affairs from the University of Rhode Island and is a registered Landscape Architect in Rhode Island and Connecticut. Art is also a LEED accredited professional and a Member of the North Smithfield Parks and Recreation Commission.

Art has worked in the field of landscape architect for over fourteen years and seven years in business management. Prior to working for Traverse Landscape Architects, he utilized his combined skills while developing his craft to guide design teams through a wide range of projects from small-scale parks to large multi-disciplinary projects including schools and transportation projects.

Art finds great joy in traversing the long journey of a project from concept to reality. He believes the success of a project is dependent on a combination of factors. These include: figuring out what a client wants; designing what the client needs; incorporating aesthetic desires, vision, and sustainability; and translating all of the above into reality.

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Timothy E. BrownTimothy E. Brown Principal
Tim is inspired by thoughtfully conceived landscapes and appreciates the hard work and dedication of construction professionals who translate the vision and details communicated in complex design documents into built work.

Tim has spent more than twenty years working in landscape design and construction. Over that time, he has worked to create places of lasting value. He holds a Masters of Landscape Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design and a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Rhode Island. He is a CLARB certified landscape architect and is a registered landscape architect in Rhode Island.

Prior to Traverse Landscape Architects, Tim worked for landscape design, planning, and architecture firms in Boston, San Francisco, and Rhode Island. He is experienced with both national and international projects, ranging from small residential gardens to master planned communities to schoolyards to large waterfront planning and infrastructure projects.

Tim believes landscape architecture has the power to be a grounding force in a world that is becoming increasingly more complex to comprehend and navigate. He especially appreciates its ability to put us in closer touch with our essential humanness, namely our capacity for wonder and awe about the world around us. Tim works to conceive thoughtful and meaningful projects where the synthesis of plan, detail, material, and form result in a unified and legible composition.

Tim appreciates design details that require a nuanced approach to construction and help to reveal the specific conditions of a place or the conceptual idea driving a design. He strives to create spaces and places that have a positive impact upon the environments and communities where they are built.

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Ashley IannuccilliAshley Iannuccilli Principal
Ashley is committed to thoughtful, ecologically conscious design, drawing her inspiration from the native ecology, context, history and built environment of a place, while striving to improve the world we live in through the creation of beautiful, livable spaces.

Ashley Iannuccilli is a registered Landscape Architect in Rhode Island and a Principal at Traverse Landscape Architects. Her work has taken her from RI to Maine to the Middle East and back; leading a broad range of projects that include schools, urban re-development, parks and recreation facilities, residences, universities, and public streetscapes. A firm believer in the collaborative process, Ashley is adept at bringing together diverse groups of stakeholders to engage in shared discourse, working in collaboration with professionals, communities, and clients to provide creative and valuable design solutions.

Ashley is a LEED Accredited Professional, a Rhode Island CRMC Certified Invasive Manager, and is currently serving a 5-year term on the East Greenwich Zoning Board.  She holds a Bachelors of Landscape Architecture from the University of Rhode Island and has over 12 years experience in design and construction administration.

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John LucaJohn Luca Landscape Designer
John has always been fascinated to observe how people and nature can not only coexist, but benefit from each other through design. The creation of urban green space enriches both the human and environmental community.

John Luca believes that landscape architecture can offer the greatest connection between people and the environment through thoughtful design, and an awareness of both the client’s goals and nature’s preconditions. He has experience working on a range of projects from high-end residential and commercial to urban and academic, as well as athletics. Prior to becoming a part of the Traverse team, John worked as an intern and landscape designer for Kate Field and Associates as well as Landscape Elements.

John earned a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture with a Minor in Community Planning from the University of Rhode Island and is currently a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects.

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Justin RobertshawJustin Robertshaw Project Manager
Justin believes that every project has the opportunity to be greater than the sum of its parts. Having worked on a wide variety of sports, education and public recreation projects, his satisfaction comes from bringing together these diverse project types to create inspiring places for the people and communities they serve.

Justin Robertshaw is a project manager and Landscape Architect with over ten years of experience. He holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Iowa State University and currently works with clients from pre-design through construction on their projects, ensuring attention to detail and continuity for clients.

Justin came to Traverse Landscape Architects in 2016 with the goal of helping the company become a recognized a leader in the design of sports and recreation facilities. Justin’s portfolio of work includes education, public recreation, and collegiate recreation and sports facilities across the country. His approach is defined by his ability to problem solve and develop integrated solutions that achieve the unique objectives of each client and contribute to the vitality of the broader community. Justin has applied his expertise and design sensitivity to a wide variety of project types to create award-winning parks, education and athletic facilities.

When not spending time in the office, Justin enjoys spending time with his family and friends, bike riding, playing golf, cooking and trying new recipes, being outdoors, and enjoying the opportunities that New England has to offer.

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Dennis StatonDennis Staton Landscape Designer
Dennis’ work is focused on exploring landscapes that provide a physical and spiritual connection to nature and to the experience of place. His approach considers both the macro and micro landscape experience, exploring regional context, as well as employing detailed expressions of geology, ecology, culture, and history through texture, pattern, sequence, and planting palette.

Dennis Staton is a landscape designer at Traverse Landscape Architects. Dennis has worked on numerous landscape typologies including residential gardens, urban parks, campus planning, as well as public art installations.

Dennis received his Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA II) from the Rhode Island School of Design where he was awarded the Dan Tuttle Award for Design Excellence and a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Rhode Island. He has taught as a studio critic in the Landscape Architecture Department at URI since 2016 and has served as a Specialty Thesis Advisor in the Interior Architecture Department at RISD.

Prior to joining Traverse, Dennis has worked for numerous award winning design build firms including Sudbury Design Group in Massachusetts and Staton’s Landscaping Inc. in Rhode Island.

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Emily HumphreyEmily Humphrey Landscape Designer
Emily strives to create places that intersect culture and ecology, harmonizing the needs of people with those of the surrounding environment.

Emily’s background in landscape architecture, art, and horticulture inform and inspire her role as a landscape designer at Traverse. She is inspired by connecting with nature, exploring new places, and engaging in various forms of creative expression.

Previously, Emily spent time working in landscape installation and maintenance, where she gained an understanding of what makes a landscape lasting and successful. Emily has worked on numerous research initiatives at the University of Rhode Island studying the impacts of sea level rise. In 2012 she curated the exhibition Design for Change: A Survey of Landscape Architecture in the Green Movement.

Emily holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Rhode Island, where she was awarded the Rhode Island ASLA Student Honor Award for Design Excellence and the KFA Scholarship for Academic Excellence. She is an active member of the American Society of Landscape Architects.

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Marie EddyMarie Eddy Comptroller
Marie works diligently behind the scenes managing the finances of the firm.

Marie Eddy has worked for Traverse Landscape Architects and its predecessor Birchwood Design Group since its inception in 2011. Marie is responsible for supervising the quality of accounting and financial reporting of the firm.